From the Window to the Wall, to these Coco Carrot Cashew Ballz

I definitely prefer a bag of potato chips over a piece of cake, BUT lately I’ve been getting a little sweet tooth at night. I was curing this with a pint of ice cream, which does the trick, but leaves me with a bad stomach ache and a little regret (not eating the whole pint is one solution, but I don’t have that self control) . So, here is the new cure: Coconut Cashew Carrot Balls! Super easy, tasty, no bake, &  no guilt!
*This would probably be easier in a food processor & some of the steps could be skipped but I only have a cheapo $13 blender so this is how I went about it

What goes in:
3 Whole Carrots
1 Cup Cashews
Splash of Almond Milk
Coconut Flakes
2 Cap fulls Vanilla Extract
3 Spoon Scoops of Coconut Oil
Himalayan Sea Salt
*Not for flavor, just for extra benefits: Cordyceps powder, Ashwagandha powder

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What you do:

Heat a small pot of water on high heat with the carrots in it. I broke the carrots into smaller pieces to fit the pot. I did not peel the carrots, but you are welcome to (I don’t have a peeler and I also never seem to think it is necessary). Once the water starts boiling pour in the cup of cashews and let it sit for a couple minutes, then drain. I then cut the carrots into smaller pieces as shown below.

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Place these carrot bits in the blender and pulse a few times until all the chunks are grated. Then scoop the carrots out of the blender and back onto the plate. Place the cashews in the blender and pulse a few times until they are crumbled. Once the cashews are crumbled, add back in the carrots. Mix in your 2 cap fulls of vanilla extract, coconut oil (straight from the jar, doesn’t need to be melted first), a few shakes of Himalayan sea salt, generous amount of cinnamon, teaspoon of Cordyceps and Ashwagandha powder, and a couple splashes of almond milk. I used the almond milk to help pulse everything together, so add it in as needed. You may also need to motivate the mixture with a spoon to get things going. If you are having trouble getting it all mixed with in the blender, it works to  mix it all together really well with a spoon. TASTE the dough to see if you want to add anymore cinnamon, salt, or vanilla (this is v important). Empty blender onto a plate and the mixture should look similar to the picture below.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Put the dough in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. This will make it way easier to roll! After it is done in the fridge, you are ALMOST done! Just roll into balls and pack coconut flakes to the outside while forming the ball. The coconut flakes should just stick, but if not you can sprinkle a tiny bit of water to the outside of the balls. You are done! ENJOY! Store the balls in the fridge in a Tupperware with a lid. I was able to make 13 balls with this batch.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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